Friday, 9 April 2010

Book Fair - A Guide To a Houseproud Housewife

This project was to create a book to be sold in a book fair. The theme had to relate back to previous sessions where I focused on plug sockets. At first I found it very hard and uninspired by the subject. But then I thought about appliances which would be plugged into the sockets. I then went on to think about the work by Linder 'Pretty Girl Series':

This work looks at femininity and also the contrast of technology. Using this style I wanted to create a book on the prefect housewife. Collaborating femininity, technology and humour. Focusing on appliances which could be plugged in I took photographs of a friend dressed in 1950's style clothing using appliances such as the iron, kettle, toaster etc. I then got images from 1950's homes and imposed her into these scenes. Getting inspiration from birthday cards and merchandise I found whilst shopping I wrote quirky little phrases on each page to create a humourous story:

Here are some existing ideas I have found which reflect the style and era my book will be based on.

I took photos in my flat to include in my book, however the setting was not in keeping with the theme so I used existing images taken from books and photoshopped the two images together to create the desired effect.

Below is my final book design:

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