Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Type and Grid

Analysis of three layouts.

Article 1 - Sports page in newspaper.
The page looks very cluttered - it is hard to tell what is going on apart from being able to see the main title and image in the centre. The central article is the one wanting to be noticed because it is the largest and has the most colour. The other stories get lost into the background because they lack colour and bold fonts.

Article 2 - Politics article in cosmopolitan.
This is a very clean cut and easy to read layout. With the use of three columns corresponding to the images above them respectively. The dash of pink colour in the background keeps the reader interested in a somewhat serious subject. The is a nice sized leading which makes it easier to read and gives the impression that there is not so much tent to read.

Article 3 - Top shop top ten magazine layout
I think this layout is very easy to read. It is quite original and is very visually appealing. Colours used are pastels, neutrals and black. The numbers and the items of clothing are the most bold on the page. Having the numbers 1-10 is quite obviously going to be some sort of chart or count down so the title isn't necessarily that important. The writing explaining the garments is very small because it is at the bottom on the type hierarchy, it is the least important piece of infrmation on the page. The page is mainly focused on the visuals and the type is only there to bulk out the page with needless commentary.

Newspaper type and grid analysis:

Magazine layout re-design

Thumbnail ideas:

Final idea:

Rough attempt at design layout. I found it really hard to work out all the measurements. After trying for a good couple of hours I decided to go ahead with the design on the mac.

I roughly cut out the images and arranged them into a collage.

Final layout designs.

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