Monday, 2 November 2009

Visual Language 20/10/09

In this afternoons session we were put into groups of 5. Using boxes collected (ranging from the size of a matchstick box to the size of a shoe box) we had to craft a letterform over a series of planes.

The best way I find of describing it, is to compare it to the channel 4 adverts where the camera pans across and the shape of a '4' comes into vision when at a certain angle.

One position will work, pan across and it will look jumbled. We chose the letter 'F' and set up our view finder and position to view the letter from. Below are images of us making it and the finished product.

I think the overall look is good and effective, but looking around at other groups work, we could have used a more dynamic letter, like the letter 'g' ,with curls and flicks to create a more visually stimulating finished result.

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