Sunday, 14 February 2010

Visual Language book making and book binding

We had lessons on different ways to make books and how to bind them. Here are the results:

We used string, tread and a hand drill to tie these pages together.

To make the holes for the thread to go through we used a hand drill lining up the pages together very precisely.

This pamphlet style book was folded using a special machine. To create the hard back cover we glued card to material (2x squares of card and a strip in the middle) wrapping the sides round to create a finished look.

These books are all simple folds and can only create 4 paged books, however these sections could be glued or sewn together to create a bigger book.

In this visual language lesson we all brought in a book and had to manipulate it in a certain way relating to the subject of the book. Mine was about English, so I decided to use the words throughout the book and create my own story. I cut out the vast majority of the book only leaving the amount of words that would fit a page. The story doesn't necessarily make sense and just shows how confusing language can be. I think the end result looks quite cute and I like the aesthetics of the fading yellow pages, which were actually very brittle and hard to work with.

Before we were set to work we were shown artists who work with books who had some amazing work and craftsmanship.

Brian Dettmer

Cara Barer

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