Sunday, 14 February 2010

Collection 100 part 1, 2 and 3

'Process is more important than outcome'

Ideas generation:

15 objects I find interesting:
  1. Patterned fabrics
  2. ribbon
  3. shoes
  4. pens
  5. photos
  6. lights
  7. notebooks
  8. apples
  9. vintage objects
  10. t-shirts
  11. books
  12. boxes
  13. money
  14. puzzles
  15. buttons.
15 subjects I find interesting:
  1. Crafts
  2. fashion
  3. photography
  4. extraordinary people
  5. culture
  6. music
  7. interior decoration
  8. the universe
  9. crime
  10. celebrities
  11. graphic design
  12. philosophy
  13. overheard conversations
  14. fashion illustration
  15. travel.
15 places/environments that I find interesting:
  1. Space
  2. remote places - desert/jungle
  3. jails
  4. eiffel tower
  5. Madame Tussauds
  6. theme parks
  7. car parks
  8. ocean
  9. Grand Canyon
  10. Hollywood
  11. Area 52
  12. garage
  13. bedroom
  14. pub
  15. country side
15 people that I find interesting:
  1. Brother
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Simon Cowell
  4. Alan Carr
  5. Obama
  6. Cheryl Cole
  7. Parents
  8. Parkinson
  9. Rusell Brand
  10. Hitler
  11. E.T
  12. Best friend
  13. Michael Jackson
  14. Jonny Depp
  15. Mike Mcintire.
From this list I selected 'shoes' as a subject to concentrate and research over the christmas holidays.

Part one -
Produce a body of work that investigates the term/concept/value/number 100 by collecting, recording, documenting and categorising.

100 facts, 100 opinions, 100 objects...ABOUT SHOES

100 facts:

100 objects:

100 opinions:

Presentation of christmas research:
Subject matter: Shoes
Themes of research within subject matter: Style, popularity, purpose, history.
Themes to be developed: Purposes of shoes, persona created by shoes, history of the shoe, shoe styles.
Issues raised: More visuals.
Methods for categorising research: style, fastenings, brand, identity, materials.
Additional research required: What shoes say about people, dog shoes, foot prints, fashion of shoes now and through the past 100 years, re-occurring fashions.
Action to be taken: Look at taking information from a more specific area in shoes.

Final development and Final idea : Advertisement for new shoe brand launch. This will include a mini chocolate shoe inside a mini shoe box with information leaflet about the new brand and were it will be being launched and sold. Gift to be given out at a launch event.

Looking at shoes in their place of sale online and on shops.

Photo shoot for shoe box and leaflet.

Experiment with ribbon to fasten the gift box.

Chocolate shoes being made and packing of the 100 shoes.

Leaflet design ideas.

Final product.

Crit - feedback:
Issues raised: Why is there 100 shoes, is it limited edition? 100 first customers could get the shoes, is every box different, for example a different colour bow on each shoe box, numbered boxes? tissue inside box to make look nice. Chocolate market is always luxurious.
Action to be taken: Clarify content in categories and quantities. Test different ideas out for shoe packaging and chocolate packaging, look at existing companies, hotel chocolat and harvey nichols.

Final presentation crit feedback:
Is there and evening event for the shoes to be given out at? - Yes it will be given out at a launch event.
Lose the photographs of the shoes and legs and keep it clean cut.
Exclusive event with vip ticket only, have to pay for event ticket? Event tickets will be for respected customers and other retailers that will potentially buy these shoes at stock for their store.
Brand to same corporate identity as Harvey Nichols? Launching in a luxury store such as Harvey Nichols will give the brand a high class reputation. Maybe if it actually went into production I would have to change the final product to include the Harvey Nichols logo and company typeface.

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