Sunday, 27 September 2009

Summer Holiday Brief

Summer holiday brief: create an alphabet that visually reflects you as a person...


I used my sketchbook to experiment with different styles I could use for my alphabet. I took into consideration things I like and materials which interest me.

I started by looking at different alphabets, different ways of writing a said letter.

I drew a few simple ideas of things I like and ways to describe me, to help provoke some initial ideas.

I like sewing and customizing clothes so I tried stitching into my sketchbook letterforms. I like the texture of the fluffy wool contrasting against the black ink background.

Carrying on the textiles theme I experimented with ribbon to see what letters I could produce from the natural curves and flow of the silk.

I looked at handwriting and how it can express your personality from the way you form each letter. For example a right slant on text represents someone who responds strongly to emotional situations, a warm and outgoing person.

Looking at objects I had in my room (worry dolls, japanese plant) I looked at how I could imitate/incorporate the design into type.

For the worry dolls I looked at how the fabric used created different outlines.

For the japanese plant I sewed directly onto the page. I think it gives the image more depth and dimension. I found it quite hard to sew the tiny details in, but I think this gives it character.

Using the other side of the page that I stitched onto I carried on the japanese style, using a wash as the background and adding in branch shapes.

I love traveling and new experiences. I have traveled to a few places abroad and feel they have helped to make me who I am today. I used tags to represent the places I have visited. I like the way the tags strings are jumbled up and express the vast amount of things I have seen and experienced over the years.

I love pretty little bric-a-brac.

General sketching ideas. Floral, shading, sketchy.

I focused on the Yorkshire accent and how it represents where I am from. Also moving away from home and meeting people from different places makes accents more noticeable.

I made a design sheet of different ways of creating the letter 'A'. Looking at the form. Curves, adding/taking away, serif/sans serif, adding imagery that relates etc...

Me in a nut shell: Girly, Strong minded, Organized, Caring, Music, Fashion, Ambition

My final design ideas below look at:

Hearts and spirals
Structure and ribbons.

I wanted my final alphabet to look girly but with structure to portray my strong-mindedness.
For the second design on the sheet below I created the letter shape myself. I chose to use upper-case and a wide rounded shaped style to show structure strong-mindedness. Although, I still wanted the overall look to be feminine so I added ribbons (I also added rose buttons to the finished product to add to this effect).

FINAL DESIGN: Pen and ink, ribbon, gold leaf, individual images.

For the final design I decided to add individual images for each letter... 'a is for', 'b is for'

A - Ambition
B - British
C - Clothes
D - Dance
E - Eating
F - Friends
G - Graphics
H - Heart
I - Inspired
J - Jewellery

K - Ketchup
L - Luck
M - Music
N - Nature
O - Oxo
P - Pisces
Q - Quizzes
R - Reading
S - Secrets

T - Travel
U - Umbrella inside out - clumsy
V - Vintage
W - Winner
X - xoxo hugs and kisses, caring
Y - York
Z - zzz sleep

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