Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Word association

I was given 10 words and 10 pieces of paper, a collection of the letter 'a' in different fonts and sizes. I had to represent the words with the letters.

Reading top line first, left to right...
1. Closed : I used capital letter 'A's for this as the bottom is 'open' where both legs of the 'a' finish. So, linking the legs of the letters together it creates a 'closed' area.
2. Horizontal : Creating two lines of horizontally places letters (right way and upside down) emphasises the message.
3. Link : The lines of the letterforms create paths which 'link' together.
4. Positive : I placed the letters in an arrow pointing/rising upwards.
5. Above : Emphasis is on the larger sized font which is 'above' the line of smaller letters.
6. Form : I chose to create a simplistic look for this word. By placing two letters the same point size and typeface aligned next to each other gives structure and 'form'.
7. Difference : Placing different typefaces, sizes, styles (bold, italic, etc.) next to each other helps emphasise their 'difference'.
8. Space : Placing a tiny letterform on a clear plain background put emphasis one the 'space' around it.
9. Loop : By attaching the ends of the letters together they create a 'loop'.
10. Finish : I used a small letter 'a' to represent a full stop or 'finish' at the bottom, right of the page.

In groups of 4 we were given a word, ours being 'deconstruct' which we had to represent with one alphabet. Our idea was to create a tower of letters and slowly have it 'deconstruct' and fall away towards the top.

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