Tuesday, 29 September 2009

How to...

How to... feel at home in a new city.

Working collaboratively in a group of five we had to come up with a solution to the above problem. Below are our initial brain stormed ideas.

We decided on the idea of 'Home in a Box'. The smell of home captured in a box to help you feel at home in a new city. Available to be picked up from any SU and at student accommodation. Our idea was created to be more humorous and not a physical thing, more of a quirky idea. We wanted the box to look homely, like a parcel you might receive from your parents. We added string and lines to stimulate stitching, and the added touch of string and a tag with our logo on.

We went out and took photos in the city, because we wanted to create two posters to accompany the box. Our idea was to physically bring 'home' to the city. So we took photos with things like pillars, street lights, parking meters, bins in so we could replace them with homely objects. Wanting the homely objects to stand out from the 'dull' city we decided to use water colour for the objects and mute the colours in the photos graph, so that the images stood out more. Whilst taking the pictures we had to think about things such as: composition, content, framing, colours, space for text. Below are a select few of the photographs taken and some drawn ideas of images to be featured.

Using our images we pieced them together to make two posters, one advertising the box its self and the other visually stimulating what the box makes you feel like/experience. We decided to use brown wrapping paper and tape to tie in with the box and create an overall homely feeling.

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